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Victoria Point Queensland
5 Villas, 2x 2bed, 2x3 Bed 1x1 bed
Independent Living
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Adventist Residential Care – Yooroonga is a facility that caters for young people from 18 – 63 years that need assistance and support to live independently. Within our unique complex there are five fully accessible villas, two of the villas have three bedrooms, two villas have two and one single villa. Each bedroom has an en-suited bathroom and a separate patio for the residents to enjoy the lush garden. The villas also have a guest half bath which allows for privacy for both resident and guest room. Each Villa has a dishwasher and a washer/dryer.

As a supported Independently living facility residents are able to have carers and support of their choice.

Adventist Residential Care – Yooroonga was built within the guidelines of the NDIS and is a registered provider of the NDIS.
Family interaction is encouraged and they together can enjoy Adventist Residential Care Yooroonga’s beautiful gardens and gazebo.
Adventist Residential Care Yooroonga is in a perfect location, close to the beautiful Islands of Moreton Bay areas and within walking distance to a large shopping centre.

Every young person deserves a life of living their best life independently and Adventist Residential Care has given young people that opportunity.

Every young person deserves a life of living.

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563 - 567 Cleveland Redland Bay Road Victoria Point, QLD, 4165 Australia